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"It's like rain, on your wedding day..."

How many of you sang that title? Thank Alanis Morisette for making "rain on your wedding day" famous! Although it is said to be good luck and can be made amazingly fun, many brides worry about the chance of rain on their wedding day. Outdoor ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular, from beaches to gardens, to a random special place the couple met. Mother Nature is unpredictable and truly you will not know until at least the week of whether or not it will rain or shine. If you are having any second-thoughts, here are some simple tips to make handling your wedding weather a breeze!

Be Prepared.

Planning ahead and being ready for the chance of inclement weather may put your mind at ease. Purchase inexpensive, colorful rain boots for your bridal party that match your theme. Clear bubble umbrellas also make a modern, fun statement and can look great in photos too. If it is windy also, the bubble shape helps them not blow inside out. Light up LED umbrellas also exist (yes, amazing!) and would be perfect for a night time rainy wedding day photo op! Purchasing a bulk amount of white umbrellas –if you don’t already have a tented area - for your ceremony is also a good idea to make sure your guests are covered as well. If you are planning on having your reception in a backyard, park, or beach where there is no shelter, be sure to have a large tent over EVERYTHING, just in case!

Strategize with your photographer.

Be sure to speak with your photography company or individual photographer about their experience in the rain. Most professional companies and photographers have all experienced diverse types of weather while taking photos. A photographer once told me, if you backlight the rain drops, it makes it appear as if it’s raining glitter and really makes the photos pop. The beauty of the photo below could make a bride want to wish for rain! Colors in photos are always more vibrant with a little clouds and overcast in comparison to photos taken on a bright sunny day.

Bring some extra towels to dry off benches and outdoor areas after the rain stops. Wear your cute rain boots to take advantage of standing in the grassy and sandy areas. Don't let your heels sink in wet mud! If you would like to, you can also schedule in a “first look” with your significant other before the ceremony, that way if it rains after your ceremony, you already have some of the photos of just the two of you completed. If you are staying more traditional and waiting until the altar to see each other, schedule an indoor location as a backup photo area just in case it is torrential rain in the forecast for the entire day.

Stay flexible with your day-of schedule.

It is important to realize that it is your wedding day you have been planning and dreaming about, but a little rain will not change the fact that you are marrying the love of your life! Be willing to change it up and step out of the reception for a few moments if the rain breaks to catch a few sunny photos. Your guests will be having so much fun eating, dancing, and drinking, they won't miss you two for a few moments. Take the break to freshen up and fix your makeup. Sit and eat if you're hungry. Taking care of yourself and being content with the day will make you and your new spouse that much happier.

Be beauty savvy.

Be prepared for the expected happy tears and a little wind blowing raindrops on your perfectly polished face and hair. Whether you have a makeup artist or are more do-it-yourself when it comes to makeup, have one of your bridesmaids keep a makeup bag of touch-up products on hand. To ensure your makeup stays throughout the day, prep your face with a quality primer like smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Prime your eyelids with Urban Decay Primer Potion for an all-day stay for your eye shadow. Finish off your look with a setting spray like COOLA SPF 30 Organic Setting Spray after applying your foundation, blush, eye shadow, contouring, etc. Choose your favorite waterproof mascara after curling your eyelashes with Maybelline’s Colossal Waterproof Mascara, and you’re good to go! For your hair, go with a style that best suits your natural hair type, as the humidity will bring it back to natural anyway. Putting your hair up in a loose chignon is classic and artistically messy; a little gust of wind will only add romance to the 'do. Be sure to remember lots of bobby pins and hairspray!

Be decisive.

Make a decision ahead of time regarding what you are going to do if it happens to rain at certain points during the day. Prepare for the worst and expect the best. The day of, do not agonize or be uncertain over your discussed decision if it begins to rain. Continuously have one of your bridesmaids checking on the weather radar to let you know when there will be a break in the storm. Have the umbrellas ready, smile for the camera, and stick to the plan; everything will work out perfectly.

Be happy.

Enjoy the day to the fullest. Candid rain photos are the cutest and your smiles will be so genuine enjoying an impromptu moment just the two of you in the rainy weather. Put on your rain boots and do a little Gene Kelly Singin’ in the Rain impression. It is one of the most special, memorable days of your lives together! Be thankful you planned ahead and don’t let a little rain wash away your happiness!

This post is dedicated to one of my favorite High School English teachers, Jessica Hashagen Smith ... Soon to be Mrs. Kirwan! Stick to the tips and you will have a BEAUTIFUL wedding day with Mike!

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