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silver sixpence in her shoe

Many people have asked why we named our wedding blog sixpence weddings. Simple! Ever hear the saying "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue"? The last, always forgotten, line of that saying is "and a silver sixpence in her shoe"! Our mission is to give you advice through each step of your wedding planning, including the details that are frequently overlooked or forgotten. That being said, here is an excerpt on the history of how the silver sixpence became an important part of wedding days:

"In the middle ages, the people were very superstitious. They believed that much of their life was controlled by evil spirits. Anything they could do to ward off those spirits was wise. They felt that those evil spirits were particularly active during rites of passage, such as weddings, so it was important to use good luck charms to keep the bride and groom safe on their wedding day. Any type of talisman from a horseshoe to a lucky coin was considered a good omen.

During the early 1600's it was customary for the Lord of the Manor to give his bride a piece of silver as a wedding gift. This was symbolically represented by a sixpence coin. It later became a tradition to include a sixpence in the dowry that was given by the bride's family to the groom. That tradition of the sixpence as a symbol of good luck continues today.

Some families have passed down the same sixpence through the generations to continue the hope for good luck to future brides. It's also nice to seek out a sixpence minted in the year of your parents or grandparents wedding, birth years, or some other important family occasion." -

Now, for something to place that lucky sixpence in! View sixpence weddings' top picks for bridal shoes!

Stunning Stilettos

Badgley Mischka is one of our favorite designers for bridal shoes, and this one takes the cake! The pure white, Hollywood-esque peep toe design is amazing and the rhinestone cluster on the back is so elegant. If you are feeling extra daring, the design also comes in a bright, showstopping cobalt blue. Bloomingdale's - $245

Betsey Johnson carries a great line called Blue. The glitter embellishment detail on the Stela Evening Sandals (below) is simply stunning and glamorous. The 1920s inspired strap also gives stability to your ankle throughout the long day. The best part is ... the beautiful Tiffany blue bottom can be your pop of "something blue"! $129 - Macys

These ivory satin gorgeous Badgley Mischka Rouge stilettos with scalloped detail would be a perfect addition to any ivory wedding gown. The shoe also comes in "Latte", a creamy blush pink taupe. $255 -

If you are interested in other inexpensive options for stilettos, Payless, DSW, and David's Bridal all have great lines as well! If you're looking for super-glam and have a big budget, Christian Louboutin also has an amazing line - not great on the comfort factor though.

Sandals and Sandy Bare Feet

The next pair is a little cheesy, but still totally awesome! If you are getting married on the beach, you can have these imprint sandals printed with any text to make your mark on the sand! - Starting at $24.99

If you are having a beach wedding ceremony, what is better than feeling the warm sand between your toes as you walk to marry the love of your life? Etsy has great barefoot sandals and you can choose ones that fit your theme, from rhinestones to bows, to starfish - they make it all!

Fancy in Flats

Pop, fizz, clink! Celebrate in comfort with these whimsical gold flecked cork flats from kate spade. Kick off your heels and dance the night away, while still looking cute in these funky, celebratory shoes! $228 - Neiman Marcus

Payless carries a line called Dexflex Comfort, which features a budget-friendly flats option. These cute white flats would be perfect for the wedding day, with memory foam insoles and keep a natural shape along your foot bed. If you are already splurging on a glam pair of stilettos, use these as a cheap backup pair! Payless - $29.99

For an unconventional twist on the wedding day flat, purchase some Converse low tops and bling them out with Swarovski and satin ribbon! Converse - $49.99.

What shoes are you wearing for your big day?

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