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purple rain

In honor of the late and great pop star Prince, many landmarks turned their lights to a gorgeous, bright purple for all of the world to see.

For all of you Prince fans (and I'm sure there's quite a few!), here are the top ways to incorporate shades of the color purple into your wedding day - in the theme of Prince songs!

Money Don't Matter 2 Night

If you are one of the lucky ones who have an unlimited budget, spend that money on elaborate decor like the photos seen below! Large floral arrangements on the tables or the ceiling bring a regal elegance to your wedding decor. Add a glow of warm purple uplighting to set the mood in any venue space.

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Add some flair to your makeup with a sultry plum colored lipstick. In trend for fall weddings, this color is bold but would go well if the rest of your color palette is subdued. This color also looks awesome on tan skin - so maybe rock it for your tropical, sunny honeymoon instead!

Diamonds and Pearls

Be sure to have your photographer take beautiful photos like the one below with your diamonds! Resting your rings on a bed of soft flower petals is a gorgeous contrast with any color scheme.

If you really love purple, check out this amazing and unique engagement ring! What a happy pop of color to look at every day.


U Got The Look

Choose purple for your bridal party and your bridesmaids will look like they stepped out of a catalog! Purple's cool tones flatter almost any skin tone from porcelain to ebony - depending on the shade you select. Lilac, amethyst, eggplant, and plum are all hot colors right now - and can pair with silver, champagne, or gold to bring in the metallic trend as well. We're sure your ladies would love to rock this look!

P.S. We LOVE the bouquets in both of these photos for spring and summer weddings.


I Wanna Be Your Lover

One of the funniest traditions couples take part in on their wedding day is the cake cutting ceremony. Although it's meant to be cute and sweet and symbolize the start of your new lives together, it usually involves some amount of loving-shoving-cake-in-the-face moves ... and lots of laughter. Even though the vows are important (and legal!), this fun ceremony seals the deal in our eyes. Click here to see more amazing purple themed cakes on Pinterest.

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Purple Rain

The most obvious of all of the choices! How could you skip the Purple Rain cocktail?! Fabulous - just like Prince - this cocktail is delicious, sweet, and purple!

How would you incorporate the regal color into your special day?

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