go nuts for doughnuts

The great thing about wedding planning is there is always a a new trend.

In the last decade alone, Pinterest set fire to the DIY scene, allowing brides to be extremely hands on in creating their dream day. The web has made it extremely simple to access almost anything your mind can imagine and have it delivered to your doorstep through the means of Etsy, Amazon, WeddingPaperDivas, Shutterfly, and more.

Lately, social media and NYC hot spots fueled a resurgence of our childhood food favorites and pushed them to the limits with extreme ice cream shakes at Black Tap, crazy-sweet dry ice cocktails at Sugar Factory, and rainbow bagels at The Bagel Store. These creative, yet simple ideas, created a food craze that has transformed its way into the wedding industry in the form of geode cakes, candy buffets, cake pops, food trucks, and now, the latest sensation on Instagram... doughnut walls. Yes, you read that correctly, a wall full of doughnuts.

With the modern couple yearning to make their night different and trendy - this is definitely the way to do it. Assorted doughnuts of any color and size make a beautiful arrangement and can be customized to the couple's color scheme or wedding theme. Doughnut walls can be made for seating cards, an edible backdrop to a candy buffet, a dessert station to accompany an ice cream bar, or a midnight snack bar with some coffee on the way to the valet. Any way you put it, doughnuts + wedding = always a good idea. Now without further ado, check out these drool-worthy doughnut walls.

Image courtesy of 100layercake.com

Image courtesy of hellogiggles.com

Image courtesy of ggcatering.com

Image courtesy of kalmkitchen.com.uk

Image courtesy of kitchen.nine.com.au

Image courtesy of reveal.co.uk

Image courtesy of theknot.com

And of course with the craze, don't forget about the munchkins!

Image courtesy of bridalguide.com

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