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blush, cabernet, & champagne... wine not?

After a hot summer here in New York, we are gladly welcoming fall with the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes, plaid ponchos, riding boots, warm fireplaces, and all of those glorious jewel-tone colored home decor items. The trend in wedding colors is following closely along the same lines with the resurgence of wine-inspired colors. The Pinterest-popular combination of blush and champagne was requested for the color scheme in most weddings I planned in late 2014 and 2015, and we are now starting to add in the gorgeous color Pantone calls Cabernet (how fitting!). - Merlot is also a great substitute.

Sixpence side note: With a background in Fashion Merchandising, I love Pantone as you can have EXACT colors to work with when picking out dresses, flowers, invitations etc.; instead of just telling your vendors you want a "reddish, maroony wine color" instead of Pantone's Cabernet, as everyone has a different interpretation of colors.

What's beautiful about these colors is they can truly be used for any season depending on the rest of the decor that you plan around it. We love it paired with muted gold and touches of champagne sequins, but the colors can work just as well together when married with silver and grey.

Check out some gorgeous wedding inspirations below for wine weddings!

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image via (doubles as a card box AND guest book!)

Tutorial on wine favors and label download here:

image via daisymoffattphotography

Riesling poached peaches dessert

Follow this awesome Pinterest board for wine inspired desserts here

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