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five favors that your guests actually want

With so many favor ideas swarming the internet lately (and Pinterest being overwhelmingly present), I get asked ALL OF THE TIME what the best favors to give out at your wedding are. Long gone are the days of Italian weddings drowning in Jordan almonds in little mesh bags (although, I still love them) and tchotchkes that will just collect dust in your hall linen closet for eternity. Today's brides are becoming much more 'do-it-yourself' than past generations, making a fun night out of wine drinking and favor crafting with bridesmaids.

My personal favorites are food favors, as who doesn't want a midnight snack for the ride home - or breakfast for the next morning?! Food and drink favors will always be enjoyed!

Here are five of my favorite wedding cuisine take-home ideas:

This "Midnight Snack" featured in A Dash of Details, is probably one of my favorite contenders. The box is so cute and classy. I could only imagine leaving a wedding to see hot, salty fries and a cold mini glass bottle of Coca Cola waiting for me... Amazing. This little to-go box also plays off of the trending Food Truck-Themed Wedding, which I will definitely be writing about in the near future!

Hot pretzels are also another great salty snack to give out in personalized bags. A little dab of horseradish mustard and your guests will be thanking you! image via

Although olive oil and balsamic vinegar is not an immediate eat, your guests will be using it for months to come and remember your special day! image via mywedding

For a sweet treat, cupcakes or cake pops are THE way to go. Some brides also love freshly baked chocolate chip cookies or hot cider doughnuts, but I am definitely more of a cake girl myself.

image via

And last, but not least, the bagel bar idea! How awesome would it be to take home a bagel and a newspaper at the end of the night?! I can guarantee you that my southern friends would LOVE this, as they always hear me talk about my New York bagels! Send your guests home with a mini orange juice and they will be set for breakfast in the morning! image via

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