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dress to impress: bridesmaid edition

As many are familiar with, being asked to be in a wedding is EXPENSIVE. From the travel and gifts, to the hair, makeup, shoes and dress, may have some of your closest ladies questioning if they can afford to be in every bridal party. Although some of the expenses cannot be narrowed down for your BFFs, one that can most certainly be addressed ... is the dress. Thankfully, long gone are the days of the shoulder-pouf and dyed shoes - with the loss of tradition, however, brought on a whole new level of modern thinking that is extremely helpful in terms of planning.

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For years, it has been completely acceptable for groomsmen to rent tuxedos, shoes, and ties for the big day, while the ladies are left to fend for themselves shelling out hundreds for the "required" attire. While browsing Rent The Runway for dresses for an event, I came across some of the user photos posted to see what the dresses looked like on. In the comments, almost half of the users on particular dresses said they wore it in a wedding bridal party! Eureka! When you're like myself and have already mentally decided the bridesmaid's will be wearing the most fabulous dresses at the altar, ringing in at least $700 a piece, it seems to be a little unreasonable to ask each friend for a dress that literally gets worn one night. Why not have bridesmaids RENT their dresses?! HELLLLOOO.

I'm sure there are pros and cons to this method, as there never will be a custom-tailored fit, however with the reviews, size charts, customer photos, live chats, and free second size they send, how could you possibly go wrong? One thing is, you would definitely have to ask your 'maids to order as soon as you choose for the date to ensure that the dresses are available. Also, the ordering calendar does not let you go further than six months out on ordering, which could be nerve wracking for some. Other than that, I personally think it couldn't be much different than the men renting tuxes. So here's to picking super expensive designer dresses and reveling in the fact that your best friends can SLAY.

xx Kate

The dress that brought on the revelation:

They also carry three other cuts of this dress so your ladies can mix and match!

Current Offer on RTR Website also saves you 20% on first purchase! #winning

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