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hottest wedding trends 2018

Hello all!

I haven't posted in quite some time due to a CRAZY BUSY (but awesome) #weddingszn.

While planning with some of my 2018 brides, so many trends are starting to repeat themselves in conversation. I have been thinking a lot about how to have a different wedding, but not veering too far from traditional. Many brides see what their friends do, or think it is easier to do what has been done - but I say blaze the trail and be a trendsetter! I promise you will enjoy your day much more when its YOURS. My mantra for 2017 so far....

- Customized themes: don't stick with what you see on Pinterest only. Be open-minded and if there is something that YOU love as a couple, just do it. It's YOUR wedding! Nothing is out of the ordinary these days... Think outside the box and ask your planner (or venue manager) for advice.

*My prediction for hot 2018 trends - 1960s wedding dress trends are going to make a comeback, pastels, and the 1940s state fair theme (vintage ice cream, popcorn bar, gourmet cotton candy, ferris wheel, upscale games, 1940s dress)... You heard it here first.

Image Via Green Wedding Shoes

- Rustic and Vintage Glam: It's no surprise to me that these trends are going strong. Finding cool photo frames at garage sales, old mirrors, chalk paint, barn wood, etc. Take any old scrap of something and pair it with something super opulent and BAM! Perfection. There is also a company I recently learned of, Early Bird Vintage, that has everything from tea sets to vintage arm chairs... LOVE!

Image Via Early Bird Vintage

- Nostalgic Items: This also goes along with the vintage feel, although when I say nostalgia, I'm talking 1990's, baby. Research has recently tagged '90s babies as THE most nostalgic group; they say it is because we grew up with SO much rapid technological change, that we yearn for the simpler days that we knew when we were kids. Some nostalgia I would personally bring into a wedding would be:

1. 90's music - the good Will Smith jams and a little BSB.

2. A full nostalgia display at dessert time - because who doesn't love Dunkaroos and Funfetti cake?!

3. Keds for the bride - no one sees under your dress - get the silver Kate Spade ones though for your photo ops!

4. Balloons in the photo booth. Go with pastel, metallic, or ombre colors for max Instagram likes.

5. Edible Cookie Dough Station. No other words needed.

6. If you're really awesome - have a snack truck show up at the end of your party with all the best 90's snacks - Gushers, Goldfish, Fruit Roll Ups, Grilled Cheese, Air Heads, Snickers Ice Cream, etc.

Image Via Brit + Co - from Do

What are your thoughts!? Email with any ideas or questions.

Check out this link at Bridal Guide for their Top 5 picks for next year-

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