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guest post: venue floral design advice

Hello Sixpence readers! We have an amazing guest blogger from Good Seed Floral Design to share some tips on designing flowers based on your venue. We found Good Seed Floral on Instagram and were immediately drawn to their style and natural eye for floral design.


Hi! My name is Joanna and I am one of the founders + lead designers at Good Seed Floral Design. We are a full service wedding floral design company based in Oregon and Austin, Texas and I’m so excited to be joining Sixpence Weddings today!

Thank you so much to Kate for reaching out about this guest blog post and asking Good Seed to contribute!

Today I will be talking about choosing + designing flowers based on your venue. It’s so important to think about the space where you will be getting married when choosing your florals. Even small details like the color of the inside of a flower can make a big difference in the cohesiveness of your vision. An organic, garden inspired bouquet should feel and look different depending on if your wedding is in the middle of the forest or the middle of a grand ballroom.

v i n e y a r d

First, is a vineyard wedding! Vineyard weddings are the perfect mix of classic elegance and a more organic feel. You have gorgeous buildings and breathtaking views of the grape vines. We love to use lush, petal-filled, rounded flowers to capture the elegance and wild, textural greenery to capture the naturalness. This wedding was a vineyard wedding that was unconventional in its bright colors, but we loved how the romantic blooms still fit in with the venue. We used peonies, ranunculus and garden roses to capture this romantic feel with minimal, dark greenery. Little details like blush silk ribbon kept it classic feeling as well.

Photographer: Bethany Small Photography

We designed this arbor along similar lines as the bouquets with bright pops of blooms to make it stand out against the green background.

Photographer: Bethany Small Photography

Photographer: Bethany Small Photography

This vineyard wedding was a little more traditional in color scheme with neturals and pops of burgundy. We used eucalyptus greenery to match the organic feel of the vineyard with garden roses, spray roses and ranunculus to bring in the romantic/classic feel!

Photographer: Ashley Cook Photography

These bouquets are some more examples of romantic blooms paired with textural, draping greenery. We love this look for vineyards!

s e a s i d e

Next up is a wedding by the sea. There are so many fun textures to play with when thinking about a seaside venue Colors we like to focus on are pale blues, blue/greens, lighter greens, blushes, purples and pops of coral + peach!

We love using greenery that reminds us of the ocean waves!

Photographer: Lahna Marie Photography For a darker, moodier Oceanside wedding, we love using darker blushes, peaches and pale mauves mixed with dark greenery and fun textures that make us imagine coral reefs.

Pops of blue are so fun! We love spiral eucalyptus and little blueberries to bring out the dusty and grey blues of the sea.

For this rainy day at the beach we used very light greenery with lots of texture and pops of lush blooms to bring a romantic feel.

m a n s i o n

Finally, what flowers are best for a mansion wedding? Mansion venues are definitely the most classic and elegant of all the venues we’ve mentioned so we love using less greenery, more floral and not using a lot of color. This keeps it more timeless and elegant. For florals that are a little more colorful, we suggest keeping the rest of the décor more natural to keep the timeless feel. And when we do use greenery, it’s darker and we use only one or two kinds to scale back on the busyness.

This wedding is a perfect example of a more timeless, classic feel! We used peonies, garden roses and spirea to create something unique, but still elevated feeling. We didn’t use a lot of greenery, but what we did use was very intentional and not very textural.

Photographer: Amanda K Photography

This next wedding we used more greenery, but again kept it light and to just one or two kinds.

Photographer: Bethany Small Photography

Here are a few example of using color in a more elegant way. As long as it doesn’t distract from the overall feel of the day- you can use it successfully in a more elevated setting!

Photography: Lisa Woods Photography

Photographer: Ivy and Gold Photography

Foot note:

Thank you all for reading! Check out Good Seed Floral Design at their website,,

and on their Instagram at @goodseedfloral for some serious floral inspiration. (Located in Portland, OR and Austin, TX for all of you lucky brides who can use their impeccable design flair for your wedding!)

-Kate @ Sixpence

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