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selecting the right attire

Time to start your search for wedding attire? We know it can be hard.

We have drafted a list of the best wedding dresses for your body type. We even have included information for selecting the right attire for your groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. Let's get started!

Possibly one of the toughest decisions in the wedding process is picking your wedding dress. This is the dress you will walk down the aisle in to marry the love of your life, the dress you'll dance the night away in, the dress you'll start your forever in. This dress should make you feel like the most beautiful bride in the world, and you deserve to feel that way.

We want you to feel that way! We know that while all bodies are beautiful, they are not created equal. Below we have drafted a list of the best wedding dresses for your body type.

Scroll to see slideshows of what to wear for each body type - pear, hour glass, full-figure, petite and rectangle. Click the arrows on each to see examples!

You may have a groom who is a #fashionicon and he already has his tux picked out. However, you may have a groom who has yet to order his and your wedding is weeks away. Luckily, companies like The Black Tux and Generation Tux exist to help your groom and his groomsmen find the right attire. The companies offer a variety of dress-ware such as suits, tuxes, vests, and more.The groom can design his own personal look online, rent it, and have it shipped free directly to him within two weeks.

Just like you, your groom has his own unique body shape. Remind him to take measurements at home so that his suit or tux fits him perfectly. It is his day too and he should also feel confident in his look. If he does not know how to take at home measurements for his suit or tux follow this step-by-step video. Don't let him forget to share it with his groomsmen!

Your bridesmaids are your support group through wedding planning. They may consists of your college best friend, your sister, or soon to be sister-in-law. Many brides choose to do matching bridesmaid dresses that correlate to their wedding colors. However, many brides now are opting for mix-match designs and some dress their maid-of-honor in a completely different dress. No matter what you decide your girls will wear it for you.

Just like for the groom and groomsmen the companies require measurements. If your bridesmaids are unsure of how to measure for their dresses share this video with them!

Be sure to tag us in your wedding day photos so we can see what wedding attire you selected for your big day! @sixpencewedding

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