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wedding website 4-1-1

Wedding websites can be a great way for you to stay in touch with your wedding guests. With a website you can share information about the venue, directions, wedding party, and more. It helps answer any lingering questions your guest may have about your wedding, that way you can focus on planning for the big day!

" do I make a wedding website?"

We've got you covered. Below we have curated a short list for you to follow to create your own wedding website. Let's get building!

Step 1: Pick a Wedding Website Builder

From Wix to Minted, you have many options when it comes to building your wedding website. They all may be website builders, but they each have their own unique features. The best feature may be if that website is free. Cross one more thing off your buying list, because the six suggested sites below are free!

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This builder is perfect if you are looking for a customizable site that you do not have to build from scratch. The templates are fun, modern, and classic. The site allows you to edit it from the back-end and then publish the information when you are ready to share with your wedding guests!

If you are looking for a website builder with planning tools, WeddingWire is for you. The website automatically integrates with other digital planning tools. It features over 400 templates to choose from. If you do not like any of the templates you can opt to add a photo background.

Looking to find a website that matches your wedding theme? This website builder offers you to "shop your website style" to find invites and more wedding materials that matches your wedding theme. All of the templates are created from a community of designers. The builder is simple to use and leaves you with a stylish wedding website.

Having a higher-end wedding and need a registry for those higher-end gifts? The website builder Zola would be the best fit for you. The builder provides guidance as you set it up, offers a large guest list feature, and the ability to make certain events available to only a select few.

Want to have your guests share your wedding photos? Need to send them all a quick message about the wedding? The wedding website builder, Joy is perfect for you. This builder lets send announcements to your guests, invitations, and RSVP reminders. It also features a "moments" timeline where guests can upload photos and comments regarding your wedding!

The website builder provided by The Knot is perfect if you are looking to include a lot of wedding information and want to send direct messages to your guests. The builder offers over 160 templates, an RSVP tracker, hotel room information, and personalized URLS.

Step 2: Design Your Website

Now that you have decided what website builder you want to use, you have to decide what you want your website to look like. Would you like the colors of the website to match your wedding colors? Would you want to include a floral background or opt for a modern background? Whatever you pick make sure it fits to what best represents you as a couple!

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Step 3: Share Wedding Information

You've created your website and now it is time for the fun part, posting to it! It is ultimately up to you to decide what to post. However, we do recommend sharing information about these ten things!

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Date, Time, and Location

Let your guests know where, when, and at what time your wedding, reception, and (if invited) rehearsal dinner will take place.

Dress Code

Make sure you inform your guests if you are expecting them to come dressed in certain attire. Trust us, it is better to suggest attire than a guest showing up in a pair of jeans and a tank-top for a wedding at The Met. Also, let them know if the venue is something they should factor in when picking out their attire. No one wants their stilettos digging into the ground at an outside wedding.

Bios, Backgrounds, and the Wedding Party

Hopefully anyone coming to your wedding knows a little about you two already! However, this would be a great space to catch distant family members up to speed on you two. You can share your own bios and the story of how you met. This is also the perfect place to maybe share information about your wedding party!


Your wedding website is a great place for you to include where you are registered at. This way if you are registered at Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target your guests can click on your registry page and find the links to all three!


Consider including a page dedicated to your out of town guests. This page could feature information about accommodations near your wedding venue, cheap airline flights, and more.


Instead of printing and mailing your RSVPS offer a place on your website where guests can RSVP for your wedding. This will save you money and your guests will more than likely be willing to respond faster. Some website builders even feature a built in tracker for RSVPS.

Food Menu

Dedicate a page to your bar menu (if you have one) and food. This is a great place to share information about your cake, or a story about why you two chose these foods for your wedding. This could even be the place where you give a shout out to the people or person who made your food and cake.

Photo Gallery

Include a photo gallery on your site. You could include engagement photos, bridal shower photos, and engagement party photos. You could even make a place for wedding guests to share their photos from your wedding day!


Don't let your guests be late for your very important date! Include an itinerary on your site. Doing this will help avoid you getting bombarded with questions such as, "what time is the reception again?" or "what time do you walk down the aisle?"

Vendor Shout Outs

Don't forget to give a shout out to all the great people that helped make your wedding day magical!

Be sure to share your wedding website with us! Happy building! Tag us @sixpencewedding

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