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the dog days of weddings

Before you two planned to tie the knot you welcomed in a fur baby. Your dog has helped bring you two closer, made you happier, and has filled you both with an enormous amount of love. You cannot imagine a day without your furry child, and you shouldn't have to.

Wedding days are meant to be filled with the people and things you love, so why not include your dog? You may be asking, "who is going to take Rosco to the venue?" or "who is going to watch him when we are walking down the aisle?"

Luckily, companies like Pawfect for You exists to help make your wedding day memorable with everyone you love, including your furry baby. This company will take your dog to the wedding and even home. During the wedding they'll care for them, help them walk down the aisle, and style them for photographs! There is no reason to not include your dog!

"That's great, but what all can my dog be a part of?"

There are thousands of ways you could include your dog in your wedding! Check out these 7 ways to include your dog:

🐾 Doggy Engagement Photos

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🐾 Doggy Wedding Photos

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🐾 Pawfect Walk Down the Aisle

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🐾 Doggy Save the Dates

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🐾 Doggone Good Flower Pup of Ring Barer

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🐾 Waggin' Guest Welcome

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🐾 Sweet Pup Cake Topper

How did you incorporate your furry child into your wedding day?! Let us know by tagging @sixpencewedding!

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