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hair styling

You are meant to feel like the most beautiful bride in the world on your wedding day. You deserve

to feel that way from head to toe! With over a thousand hairstyles to choose from it can be hard to find one perfect for you. It may take some time to choose one and that's okay! Ask your hairstylist to try a few or gather your girlfriends and have a hair styling party!

If you're unsure of where to start, try asking yourself these questions:

💛 What is your wedding theme? You can draw inspiration for a hairstyle from your theme! If you were having a beach wedding you may chose a nautical hairpiece instead of a veil and opt for beachy waves instead of an updo! Still haven't found a theme? Check out: theme pickin'.

💛 What does your dress look like? Look to your wedding dress for hairstyle inspiration! Maybe you've chosen a strapless gown and want to show off your arms with a classic updo! Still haven't found your dream dress? Check out: selecting the right attire.

💛 Will you wear a veil? Deciding if you will wear a veil and what type may dictate your hairstyle. You may need an updo to help uphold a heavier veil! However, you are not required to wear a veil! Many brides are now wearing floral crowns, pearl crowns, and more instead of the traditional veil!

💛 What is your facial shape? Not everyone is created equally. You may like a hairstyle you find online, but hate it once you try it on yourself! Try checking out these hairstyle recommendations for different facial shapes!

Still having a hard time finding inspiration for a hairstyle? Try finding some in these top wedding hairstyles of 2018:

Floral Crowns

Embellished and Full Ponytails

Loose Updos

Large Flowers

Waves & Braids

What's your dream wedding hairstyle? Let us know! Already had your big day? Tag us in your wedding hairstyle photos! @sixpencewedding! 💛

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