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sign of the times

Today couples are building websites, live streaming their weddings, and hiring videographers. To your grandparents these things probably sound foreign, but to you they may sound necessary for a wedding. With technology expanding it will be no surprise if one day you are able to virtually walk down the aisle with your husband.

Want to have a 21st century wedding with all the bells and whistles? You're in luck because we have drafted a list of 9 ways you can incorporate technology into your wedding. From websites to drones, be sure to check out the list below!

1. Bring in a drone to help capture those unique videos and photos of your big day.

2. Hire a photographer or videographer to help make your special day last forever.

3. Create a wedding website to share information about your wedding day such as the couple, wedding party, and location.

4. Live stream your wedding through Facebook or Instagram so everyone can witness your big day.

5. Attach a GoPro into your bridal bouquet to capture special moments from a unique view.

6. Ask your guests to use a specific hashtag with their wedding photos on social media so you can check them out later!

7.Add a cake projection to make your wedding day extra magical.

8. Add a photo booth and some props to make some memorable photos.

9. Crowdsource music and photos and have them appear and play on the dance floor!

How did you include technology on your wedding day? Let us know by tagging @sixpencewedding.

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