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wedding 101: budgeting

Weddings can be expensive, but just because you can't afford it all doesn't mean you cannot have it all. The best way to have it all is to learn how to budget. Planning a wedding is a process and budgeting it just makes it more difficult. We recommend buying a wedding planner to help you budget and plan your big day. Wedding planners will give you the space to draft out what things you want at your wedding and how much you're willing to spend on each. Your wedding planner will become your best friend, guard it and your wedding budget with your heart.

"How do I even start to create a wedding budget?"

We've got you. Follow these five simple steps to create your wedding budget:

💰 Set an overall amount you are able to spend on your wedding

💰 Track your spending

💰 Leave a little money for unwanted surprises

💰 Charge responsibility

💰 Find ways to save

Think staying on a wedding budget is easy? Wondering if you should even budget? Try this quiz and see if you can stay in a low budget!

What did your wedding budget look like? Share it with us by tagging @sixpencewedding.

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