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Amazon Prime Day 2023 - Wedding Deals!

If you've been on social media at all these past few days, all creators are hyping up Prime Day from Amazon... for good reason! Aside from the amazing specials on Amazon-branded gadgets, there are a TON of other ways to save this week if you are in the midst of planning your wedding. Check out the links below for some of our favorite deals! (Affiliate Links Below)

Most importantly, you have to have Amazon Prime to score these deals! You can use your existing account or sign up for a free trial here:

FOREO LUNA - $109.50 (usually $250!)

Get your skin wedding-ready with the coveted FOREO LUNA. This little waterproof, silicone facial cleaning device is amazing for getting into your pores and making sure you have the best wedding glow ever. Use your favorite face wash and suds up!

BRIDE Cosmetics Bag

How perfect is this bag for all of your wedding related travels?! Definitely a perfect choice for your bach trip, wedding day, and honeymoon!

ZESICA Women's Dresses

This adorable babydoll dress would be perfect for a girls night out on a beach bachelorette!

Casper Slip Silk Pillowcase and Mask - 50% off!

This is an amazing addition to your beauty arsenal. Sleeping on silk pillowcases will help your skin and hair in the months leading up to your big day!

ECHO White Glacier Pop Speaker and Smart Plug - 50% off!

Perfect compact speaker for your bach party festivities or getting ready the morning of with your wedding playlist!

24 Pack Votive Holders for Your Cocktail Hour

Candles always add a touch of romance! These are beautiful and catch the light in just the right way.

Gold Wedding Glass Card Box - Save 25%!

A perfect, classy touch to your reception, this card box is a very popular one we see at the venue often!

The medium size is only about 10x5, so some couples opt for the larger size!

Claire Collection Crystal Champagne Flutes - 50% off

A trendy shape and an amazing price! I had similar shaped ones at my wedding as well. They look so elegant when toasting in the photos.

Velvet Ring Box for Photos - on sale plus 10% coupon

This is a MUST for those beautiful photos your photographer will take while you are getting ready in the morning!

Comes in 22 colors to match your wedding perfectly.

Liquid I.V. Electrolyte Packs

This deal is absolutely perfect to add to your hotel welcome bags for your guests or stash away in your day bag for the wedding! Just mix a packet into a bottle of water to have amazing, hydrating beverage at any time.

Hero Cosmetics - Mighty Patch Hydrocolloid Blemish Patches

If you have never tried these, now is the time! In a zit-emergency, these will clear up your breakout in a pinch before all of those important, highly-photographed events. These are the XL size, so you can even cut in half!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

This stuff is a game changer for hair/skin/nails for the wedding!

Luminex Teeth Whitening Strips

Brighten those pearly whites! You'll be smiling all day!

Solo Stove Bonfire

I have one of these and it's great! Low smoke output and truly puts out heat. Great for hanging out after your wedding the next day with family and friends, roasting marshmallows, or kicking your feet up after a long day of planning.

I hope you score some great deals! Happy shopping!

- Kate

P.S. - you can also use Amazon for your Wedding Registry - sign up here!


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