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modern east end edge at salt drift farm

We are so excited to share this amazing collaboration of Long Island vendors organized by Kristin Buonaiuto, Event Designer and Wedding Planner of Eventful Days by Kris Marie, in collaboration with Jessica Leigh Paperie. Being located on the East End, we love all of the detail and thought that went into this shoot. Sixpence approved!

The full gallery of photos from Tessie Reveliotis is featured at the end of the post.

First and foremost, we would like to credit the vendors that helped create this masterpiece:

Design + Coordination: @eventfuldays

Photographer: @tessiereveliotis

Venue: @saltdriftfarm

Food styling/catering: @hamptonsaristocrat

Floral Designer: @angelinasfloraldesign

Invitation & Signs: @jessicaleighpaperie

Tabletop: @partyrentalltd

Bridal Hair:

Bridal Makeup: @makeupbyriagia

Wedding gown: @bridalsuiteofbayshore

Cake: @sugarlanecakeshop

Tuxedo: @forestotuxedo

Handmade Jewelry: @m_gems

Styled Shoot at Salt Drift Farm

Bridgehampton, NY

"Not one, but three looks to create a sexy, modern, edgy shoot"

When the girls of Hamptons Artistocrat called to do a styled shoot at their new intimate space in the Hamptons, Salt Drift Farm, I couldn't have said "YES!" fast enough. Lexi and Louisa are true culinary artists and entertainers who emerged into the industry in 2014. Starting with a vintage 1960's Lo-Liner Caravan "The Aristocrat Caravan Food Truck". Which served as a food delivery and catering service. In addition to their food truck soirees you can find them at their brand new hidden gem venue in the center of Bridgehampton. Salt Drift Farm is a locally sourced eatery and stylish event space. What better way to showcase their talents and their gorgeous space than with a styled photo shoot.

For the Photography & Vendors ...

First and foremost, a photographer had to be selected to capture this project. "A picture is worth ten thousand words" was my motto here. Who better than to tell a story and evoke emotion through photographs than Tessie Reveliotis. She's a Long Island native photographing love, light and beautiful moments all over the world. Her style is very romantic and her approach is fun and relaxed. Yet another perfect combination of traits and talents to add to this project. I knew all vendor work would be enhanced with her behind the lens. I then selected hair and makeup artists who work MAGIC behind the scenes. I mean magic!!! Jamie Dorr, hairstylist of LI Bridal Design and Maria Giannopoulos, of Makeup by Ria Gia are pros at their craft. They are so versatile with their capabilities and their work is polished and stunning.

After visiting the venue once with my photographer I knew exactly what I wanted to create. The venue was so unique that I wanted to design three looks. The first was an sexy, edgy, moody look with deep floral colors. This look would be for both the "ceremony" and the "reception" while the third, the " rehearsal dinner," would be light, White & modern. Michael, "the groom" owns and loves his Harley, so I knew we needed to incorporate this piece as well. I absolutely loved the idea of having Jessica, in a glamorous champagne gown (borrowed by the Bridal Suite of Bay Shore) and Michael in a sophisticated suit (Thanks to Forresto’s Tuxedo’s of Mineola, NY for lending us such quality), sitting on the motorcycle together. A true juxtaposition of styles, elements and textures. I also wanted to be sure to have the “the bride” a very nontraditional statement necklace. I called upon Melissa and Manda of MGEMS Jewelry for one of their handmade Metal Fringe wrap necklaces.

Even though this was a styled shoot - Jessica & Michael are actually an engaged couple, and Tessie will be their real wedding day photographer .... so their story and their photos from this shoot couldn't be more realistic!

For the Rehearsal Dinner ...

The space had an adorable, romantic nook which I wanted to utilize for the "rehearsal dinner" portion of the shoot. I envisioned the couple whispering sweet words to one another while there friends and family admired them from afar. For the tablescape, I mixed lace table runners, an abundance of candles, and low white and gold polygonal vases with white roses, lambs ear, small berries. The plates used here were a matte finish cool gray and the silverware was gold metallic. Because we love to be different, Jessica and I collaborated on a new concept for a dinner menu. We call it the "Cascading Menu". Thinner in size than a standard menu card, and delicately draped beneath the plate and hanging towards the guests chair. The ladies of Hamptons Aristocrat loved these so much they're incorporating them into their future promotional events at the space! We were happy to create them, Tessie our outstanding photographer was happy to capture them and Lexi and Louisa just adore them. Even though this look was completely different from the first, you can see how they complement one another.

The same florals used for the rehearsal look were carried over to fireplace mantel. Small bud vases lined the mantel and we installed an amazing handmade arbor to frame the fireplace entirely. This piece, along with all of our stunning florals present on this day, was curated by my floral designer, Angela, of Angelina's Floral Design. We used this small space for the mock ceremony photos.

For the Reception ...

The cozy booth lined venue, also included a stellar farm table which I lined with a grayish, blue cloth runner. I included retro eclectically shaped candles of various heights, in a brushed finished gold, for dimension. The florals throughout the tablescape were deep Burgundy and Marsala. Infused with lots of rich greenery. One of 2018's most wanted color and texture combinations!

The decadent meal was to be served on black matte finish plates with black metallic silverware. Placed on top of a delicate period piece glass charger. This overall combination married (pun intended) the modern edge the "groom" loves and the vintage romance the "bride" loves. Intricately hung above the table were geometric gold terrariums. A must have for the unique modern day couple. The geometric metal fixtures mixed with traditional floral arrangements breaks free from the normal wedding decor and stands out among the rest. Each and every flower was carefully selected and cohesively blended together with greenery and placed on the table, in the terrariums, and made into full bouquets and floral arrangements.

All of these moody, modern, geometric, and floral elements were brought into the invitation suite as well. Which the "bride", a Long Island wedding and event stationery designer, created as well. Her vision for the stationery was based on the word Sultry: attractive in a way that suggests a passionate nature. Jessica wanted the invitations for both "events" to create an immediate inviting mood. Her goal with all of her stationery is to create a sense of wonder for the recipient. A desire and a fear that they can't miss out on what they're being invited to.

For the Cake ...

Color and florals were super important to me here. Aside from size, the focus needed to be more edgy and avant garde. I really wanted to incorporate a cake that stood out so much it required it's own photo shoot. With these intentions in mind, I needed to ask none other than owner, cake artist and sugar expert, Ashley, of Sugar Lane Cake Shop to participate. She herself is the sweetest (pun intended again!) and loves all things edgy and modern. You won't find tasteless fondant on the outside of her cakes. She uses the finest local ingredients and organic products to create the tastiest of cakes, and she's a true sugar artist. Adorning her cakes with handmade sugar flowers.

The cake is one of those wedding details that gets lost amidst the wedding day planning. However, it's such an integral part of the day. Most people forget how special this portion of the night is for the couple. Cake cutting symbolizes a couples promise to forever provide for each other. Doesn't get much sweeter than that! This portion of the evening is so important that it even requires it's own place on an event planners detailed timeline. Most venues "include it" complimentary, and most couples forget it's significance and skimp on putting finances towards it. With this shoot we really wanted to circle back to the necessity of a glamorous significant wedding cake. Sugar Lane's cake design took all components from the tablescapes and florals and combined it into one bold and beautiful confectionery creation. Matte finish gray buttercream, brushed gold, oh, and those flowers .... *handmade* sugar flowers.

In closing, I thank you for viewing this collaboration. I hope the imagery that was created showcases the passion myself and my fellow colleagues have for creating bold, beautiful, and memorable celebrations."

Written by Kristin Buonaiuto and Jessica Leigh


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